Return to training framework


NCE (like all clubs) have developed our own version of the return to training framework. There are some important accountability and reporting processes to be implemented as part of the return to training that we should all be aware of. Managers have been advised of what is required but I would suggest that every one of us also has a responsibility to ensure we understand and comply with the requirements. They might seem bureaucratic but they are there to keep all our teammates and us safe (and insured) when playing and training. Many requirements like not blowing your nose or spitting on the field are just common sense.

The following training bookings have been made with HACT commencing week of 8 June:

Tuesday.. 8-9pm Watt – Full field – CL1/2 W
Thursday.. 6-7pm Watt Full field – SL1W and SLM
7-8pm Carter Half field – SL2-4W and U18W*
(*we are aware there is a clash here that we are working through – standby)

The link to the return to training framework document. It has been updated several times so is still a living document. Please do take the time to read it so that you can be prepared and know what your responsibilities are and what you have to do.

Unfortunately the social side of Hockey that we all enjoy is still problematic. The message is still “get in, train/play, get out” so opportunities to loll about enjoy a beer, wine and/or pizza with your team mates will still be a distant memory for a while longer. As far as we know right now Pick Up Sticks will remain closed. There are venues outside of HACT facilities where socialising can take place but they have their own rules around implementation of social distancing – so just turning up at the nearest pub as a sweaty team and hoping for the best might not result in the kind of experience you were expecting. Similarly the well-patronised NCE Gala Trivia nights and our other customary get-togethers are still in the deep freeze. We will try to plan for our presentation night in late November or early December. As soon as we can organise a get together as a Club we will do so. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for a vaccine before we can do that!

Remember that you need to have a Hockey Australia registration number (i.e. have ‘renewed’ or ‘registered’ with NCE on the Revolutionise system and paid the HA Levy). You can’t just rock up to training and wing it – insurance and accountability for numbers are the issues.

Visit the HACT website for the latest news as things are firming up but still constantly changing.

Thanks for your perseverance.  It’s been a testing time for everyone.  We are all looking forward to getting back on the pitch come July!!

NCE Return to training – All the details [pdf]